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Advance your business with automotive industry solutions from SAP S/4HANA, helping you navigate the dynamic world of mobility.

Automotive IT solutions for carmakers, suppliers, and dealerships

SAP S/4HANA automotive industry software solutioning helps you prepare for the future of mobility while running profitable and sustainable operations today. Solutions from SAP S/4HANA address specific automotive industry needs help customers to achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

Cloud ERP

Real-time insights

Boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance quality with real-time inventory, demand, and supply chain insights provided by our modern, ready-to-run cloud ERP.

Tailored industry solutions

Meet your specific automotive business needs and harness the latest innovations with industry cloud solutions from SAP and our partners.

Customer and Vehicle Data Management

Customer data platform

Bridge front-end data and back-end data to better understand automotive customers and deliver trusted, personalized engagements at any step of the journey.

Profitable e-commerce, everywhere

Drive profitable outcomes by creating connected, insightful, and adaptive commerce experiences, all on a feature-rich and scalable platform that you can trust.

Vehicle data management

Achieve a holistic approach to vehicle, sales, and data management with solutions that provide a vehicle-centric view of sales and car-as-a-service processes.

Industry Network and Sustainability Management

Scalable supply chain planning

Optimize supply chain planning and support digitalized operations, smart warehousing, and sustainability through network collaboration.

Returnable packaging management

Enable circular logistics flows for returnable and reusable packaging materials such as containers and pallets with SAP Returnable Packaging Management.

Carbon footprint tracking

Get a comprehensive picture of your carbon footprint at scale with calculations that integrate supplier data and existing business data.

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